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Air Quality Standards

Are there potential health risks related to the operations at Azusa Rock?

No. The materials produced and the processes used at Azusa Rock pose no health risk to Vulcan Materials employees or the community. Vulcan Materials has consistently been recognized as an industry leader for its safety and health programs.

What is done at Azusa Rock to control dust emissions?

Vulcan Materials employs a variety of measures to protect the environment in and around Azusa Rock including water trucks, water spray systems, modified work practices and other air quality control systems. Water spray systems are employed at all transfer points, further controlling dust emissions. Water spray associated with dust control is sometimes mistaken from afar as errant dust at Azusa Rock. To the contrary, water spray is one of the best forms of dust suppression.

Is Azusa Rock contributing negatively to air quality in the region?

No. Vulcan Materials is committed to promoting sustainability and voluntarily reports its greenhouse gas emissions as a member of the California Climate Action Registry. By producing aggregate locally, we dramatically reduce emissions associated with truck travel.

What have the "Air Experts" said about Azusa Rock?

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which governs the air quality in the Southern California basin, has found that Vulcan Materials does not contribute negatively to the air quality in the region.

South Coast Air Quality Management District, 2008 Sampling and Analysis of Samples Report [PDF, 1 MB]

South Coast Air Quality Management District, 1993 Report for Azusa, California [PDF, 950 KB]

What earth movement techniques are used at Azusa Rock?

Vulcan Materials employs a variety of techniques to loosen and move the aggregate materials at Azusa Rock. Most commonly, excavators and dozers loosen the aggregates and on occasion, subterranean blasting is used.

How does Azusa Rock impact truck traffic?

Without a local supply of aggregate materials the community would be subject to additional congestion caused by the importing of these materials from other operations throughout Southern California. Azusa Rock lessens the truck traffic by reducing the need to transport essential materials from outside of the San Gabriel Valley. This local supply is crucial to a clean and efficient community. Additionally, Azusa Rock's proximity to the arterial freeways in the region mitigates truck traffic disturbance.