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What can be done to improve the current appearance of Azusa Rock?

Vulcan Materials recognizes that the appearance of Azusa Rock has a major impact on the public's perception of the aggregates industry. Vulcan Materials is proposing a New Plan that will allow state-of-the-art reclamation of the hillside to begin immediately.

Who controls the ongoing and final appearance (reclamation) of Azusa Rock?

Vulcan Materials is working with the City of Azusa on the adoption of a New Plan that employs state-of-the-art technology and begins reclamation of Azusa Rock immediately. The Reclamation Plan will be considered by the Azusa City Council. Vulcan Materials is currently required to adhere to the existing plan which calls for reclamation to begin in 2038, using 40-foot benches.

What is "reclamation"?

Reclamation is mandated by California law under the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA). Reclamation returns property to "productive use" including wildlife habitat and open space. Reclamation is determined at the beginning of the project, before mining beings, to ensure the end product.

Does mining impact property values?

No. Azusa Rock, in and of itself, does not impact property values. Property values are impacted by many factors including proximity to jobs, schools, quality of life amenities and others. However, through the adoption of the New Plan, views of the hillside will dramatically improve.

How will the New Plan enhance the current appearance at Azusa Rock?

Vulcan Materials is proposing a revised Reclamation Plan that consists of 12-24 inch benches and greater vegetative density and natural looking grades and slopes. Upon approval of the proposed plan, this restoration would begin immediately and would blend into the existing hillsides. Vulcan Materials recognizes that our operation is an interim land use and understands the importance of managing what the land will become when operations at Azusa Rock have concluded.

Can more natural vegetation be planted in order to restore the hillside?

Yes. The proposed plan is geared toward establishing a self-sustaining ecology. This includes the promotion of soil development and nutrient cycling, assuring plant succession and natural vegetation growth. Natural drainages will also be incorporated in order to facilitate greater vegetative density.