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New Plan

Why is a New Plan needed?

The existing plan will not allow the type of reclamation that the community and Vulcan Materials desire. Like most industries, the technology used in reclamation has evolved and improved dramatically in recent years. The New Plan employs a state-of-the-art reclamation process to restore a natural and self-sustaining ecology. A New Plan has also been deemed necessary by Azusa's Citizens Congress and meets the requirements of the City of Azusa's newly revised General Plan. These changes can only occur if the New Plan is approved.

Who has the authority to approve the New Plan?

The City of Azusa and the Department of Conservation will be reviewing and considering the New Plan for adoption.

Does the New Plan expand mining at Azusa Rock?

No. The New Plan does not expand the mining operations of Azusa Rock. The New Plan substitutes 80 acres from the east side of the property to 80 acres on the west side. But, no additional acres will be mined.

Does the New Plan extend the life of the operations at Azusa Rock?

No. The New Plan does not extend mining operations.

How will the appearance differ under the New Plan?

The appearance differs greatly between the existing and new reclamation plans. Under the existing plan, reclamation of the hillside does not have to begin until 2038 and 40-foot benches will be used. With the New Plan, reclamation will begin immediately and progress as each phase is completed employing 12-24 inch benches. In addition, these benches will be contoured and sculptured to the hillside, allowing for natural drainages and a natural appearance.

What guarantees the benefits associated with the New Plan will become a reality?

In accordance with the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) Vulcan Materials is mandated to abide by the existing Reclamation Plan of 40-foot benches. Under the New Plan, the Reclamation Plan will be modified mandating 12-24 inch benches throughout Azusa Rock. In addition, financial assurances are required and will be provided by Vulcan Materials, per SMARA, to guarantee the Reclamation Plan is completed.