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Azusa Rock's New Reclamation Plan

Dramatically Improving the Appearance

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Azusa Rock's New Reclamation Plan

In support of the City's General Plan and the recommendations of Azusa's Citizens Congress, a new Reclamation Plan has been submitted to the City for consideration.

Vulcan Materials is confident of our rights under California law to mine the entire property. These rights were confirmed in 1956, when the City granted Vulcan a Special Use Permit (now called Azusa's CUP), and when the City later ratified the CUP as part of the approval of the Reclamation Plan in 1988. But rather than exercise our right to mine the entire property, Vulcan Material's proposed new plan will lessen the impact on the community and dramatically improve the appearance of the current and future site.

There are two major provisions in the New Plan.

  1. Dramatically Improving the Appearance (Reclamation Plan)
  2. No New Mining - acreage stays at 190