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The New Plan Does NOT Expand Mining

Vulcan Materials is confident of our rights under California law to mine the entire property. However, under the New Plan, Vulcan Materials will give up its right to mine the east 80 acres in exchange for approval to shift mining to the 80 acres on the west side of the property. Such a change requires a revised Reclamation Plan.

The existing Reclamation Plan can only be changed when a new Reclamation Plan is submitted by Vulcan Materials and approved by the City of Azusa and Department of Conservation.

Under the proposed New Plan, no additional acres will be mined at Azusa Rock. The New Plan will substitute 80 acres on the East Side, acres that are currently approved for mining, with 80 acres on the West Side of Azusa Rock.

If the New Plan is not approved, Vulcan Materials will continue to follow our existing approved plan that requires reclamation with 30-40 foot benches across the entire site (equivalent to the existing benches on the east side).