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Dramatically Improving the Appearance

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Dramatically Improving the Appearance

A Reclamation Plan is a road map. It shows where you are going and how you are going to get there. Yet, unlike most maps, a Reclamation Plan does not permit detours. Once a Reclamation Plan has been approved, the operator is required by law to adhere the plan - even if conditions change. At Azusa Rock this mandates the use of 40 foot benches, and for reclamation to begin in 2038. Vulcan Materials recognizes that these features of the existing plan produce results that are not visually satisfying - to the community or to Vulcan Materials. Vulcan Materials' proposed New Plan with "micro-benches," benches only 12 to 24 inches high, will provide dramatic visual improvements. With micro-benches, natural vegetation will quickly flourish. The technique of micro-benching is currently being used in other parts of Southern California, and now it is being proposed for Azusa Rock.

The Surface and Mining Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) requires all mining operators to strictly adhere to their approved Reclamation Plans. If the New Plan is not approved, Vulcan Materials will continue to follow our existing and approved plan that requires reclamation with 30-40-foot benches across the entire site (equivalent to the existing benches on the east side).

The New Plan will also allow for the creation of more natural draining and contouring of future and existing mined areas. Yes, with the approval of the New Plan, areas that have already been mined will be recontured with 12-24 inch benches as well.

A self-sustaining ecology

Azusa Rock will revegetate the natural canyons with plants from the same native Northern mixed chaparral habitat and coastal sage scrub that is found in the surrounding area allowing for natural re-growth of the area.