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Support the New Plan for Azusa Rock

The new plan for Azusa Rock will provide a dramatic visual improvement at Azusa Rock by requiring recontoured micro-benches that will be revegetated (with native plant species) and supported by a self-sustaining ecology. The new plan does not expand acreage mined and will require the immediate reclamation of the east side of the site beginning with the replacement of the existing large benches with 1- to 2-foot micro-benches.

Your support will help make this new plan a reality.  If the plan is not approved, Azusa Rock will continue to be bound by the 1988 reclamation plan, which provides for the large benches across the site and delays reclamation until 2038. 

I support Vulcan’s proposal that changes its existing plan in order to allow:

  • Micro-benches (rather than 40-foot benches),
  • Immediate reclamation of the east side (removing the existing benches) and
  • Concurrent reclamation (rather than waiting until 2038).

I believe the approval of the new plan will ensure a better visual outcome for the site and lasting benefits for the community.

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