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What People Are Saying


What People Are Saying About Vulcan's New Plan for Azusa Rock

"We support Vulcan's proposal...and look for City Council approval."

-San Gabriel Valley Tribune Editorial Board, Pasadena Star News Editorial Board
April 19, 2010


Does Not Increase Mining nor Expand the Mining Deadline

"Vulcan Materials submitted a plan in 2005 that would expand mining. We strongly opposed expansion. The new plan is the result of our community's efforts for a compromise and will prohibit expansion. We support the new plan."

-Sandra and Russ Rentschler
Azusa Residents


"This voluntary reduction (from 10.8 mtpy to 6 mtpy) in maximum production demonstrates Vulcan Materials' commitment to environmental stewardship while maintaining a reliable source of material."

-Michael W. Lewis
Senior Vice-President, Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition


"Under the proposal, Vulcan will have to reduce its mining by more than 4 million tons, a positive gain for residents . . ."

-Los Angeles Times
March 17, 2010


Protects Air Quality

"No major impact on air from Azusa mining, regulators say"
"AQMD officials clear Azusa mining plan"

-San Gabriel Valley Tribune
March 1, 2010


"Report says mining plan won't spoil air"

-Pasadena Star News
March 1, 2010


"Providing local aggregate sources will have the positive impact of reducing traffic on our congested highways, reduce diesel fuel consumption and subsequently reduce emissions significantly."

-Richard D. Land
Interim Director, California Department of Transportation
February 4, 2010


Dramatically Improved Appearance for the San Gabriel Valley

"(Micro-benching) allows for greater re-vegetation than the approach that Vulcan now uses."

-Los Angeles Times
March 17, 2010


"The proposed restoration using 18 to 24 inch microbenching and hydroseeding of mined areas is superior to the 40-foot benches allowed in the 1988 permits already held by Vulcan Materials Company."

-Joan Licari
Chair, San Gabriel Valley Task Force, Angeles Chapter of Sierra Club
February 19, 2010


"Vulcan is on the right track by trying to reduce those 40 foot benches to one foot graduations with re-vegetation."

-Anthony Glassman
Chairman, Azusa Chamber of Commerce
February 19, 2010


Substantial Benefits for All

"By relocating mining to a less visible area and using superior reclamation techniques, Vulcan Materials has created a winning plan for the City of Azusa."

-Police Officer Terry Smith
President, Azusa Police Officer's Association


"Vulcan's plan will make Azusa even more attractive to homebuyers . . . The improved appearance will benefit all the homeowners, residents and visitors to our city."

-Thomas Sanchez, Realtor
February 2, 2010


"As Azusa residents, we appreciate Vulcan Materials as our community partner. We commend the new plan for dramatically improving the appearance of Azusa Rock while not expanding operations."

-Mercedes and Steve Castro
Azusa Residents


Economic Generator for the San Gabriel Valley

"The jobs generated by our industry are dependent on the materials extracted at Azusa Rock."

-Frank Williams
Chief Executive Officer, Building Industry Association of Southern California