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Social Responsibilty Report


Social Responsibilty Report

Social responsibility is a term that is used in a variety of contexts. While there is no single, commonly accepted definition, in general, corporate social responsibility refers to a company's commitment to consistently operate its businesses in a manner that meets or surpasses the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations society has of it. The public expects a responsible company to demonstrate its respect for ethical values, employees, members of the community and the environment while it sustains its commercial success.

Vulcan is committed to continually improving our performance as a socially responsible company. Like all industrial operations, the way we manufacture products and conduct our operations determines what kind of impact we have on the people who live near our facilities, the people who work there, and ultimately everyone who uses our products. When we act in a socially responsible manner, we help ensure that our business enhances quality of life for those we serve and the areas where we operate.

Social responsibility efforts at Vulcan are focused upon four areas: Community Involvement, Environmental Stewardship, Safety and Health, and Product Usage.

  • Community Involvement ensures we help strengthen the communities that support our facilities and provide us with employees.
  • Environmental Stewardship preserves the quality of life for future generations while providing products to enhance the quality of life for the present generation.
  • Safety and Health programs are fundamental in ensuring the health and well being of our workers and neighbors.
  • Product Usage reflects our determination to manufacture quality products in a responsible manner that adds value to society.

The primary vehicle for communicating Vulcan's social responsibility performance is our Social Responsibility Report. Several years ago, Vulcan was among a handful of companies that voluntarily reported safety, health, and environmental performance data. Today, investors, elected officials, and concerned citizens are increasingly expecting all large, publicly held companies to have a documented commitment to social responsibility.

» Read the Vulcan Materials Company Social Responsibility Report [PDF 765 K].